Social Media Consulting

Ever wanted to pick the brain of a social media expert? Or receive expert guidance on your novel’s marketing? I can help! Not only do I run my own viral Twitter account, I also will be graduating from the University of Pittsburgh this spring with a Masters of Digital Marketing. I’ve had multiple internships in the publishing industry  and have worked as a publicist for multiple books, both indie and traditionally published. I have presented at YALSA, SCBWIs, and other writing-based societies on social media topics.

Authors have said my advice has helped them take control of their social media, increased their sales, and strengthened their network. Now, you can have me on your team, to help boost your sales and your creative brand!

My services are below. Payment is due after initial contact. I use Paypal for payments and all prices are in USD. If you are a marginalized identity,  I offer a 30% discount on all services.

For further questions or to book a service, contact me at or use the form below!


30 minutes with an expert: $45. Ask me any questions you’d like! I’ll follow up with an email full of useful data from our call

Book Read+Phone Call: I’ll read your book or ARC, and then we can set up a phone call/Skype call to discuss your best marketing and social media strategy: $150

Book Read+Email “Battle Plan”: I’ll read your book or ARC, and then provide a detailed, multi-page battle plan, which will include detailed, customized advice, a checklist for you to ensure you’re using social media effectively, and guidance on next steps: $200

The Whole Shebang: I’ll read your book or ARC, and provide a detailed, multi-page marketing plan, as well as a phone call, plus a followup call after implementation: $300

Other Services!

Pricing Analysis. Are you a freelance editor? Artist? Graphic designer? I can crunch the numbers of your competitors, plus analyze qualitative data on your work process to determine your optimal price. Clients who have used this service have seen a growth in the number of jobs, AND an increase in profits

  • Detailed Analysis with a plain-English action plan and suggested prices: $100
  • Add on an Analysis of Special Offers for ways to interest new clients, or create repeat customers: +$20

Social Media Platform Analysis. I’ll review your “homes” on the net, including, but not limited to Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogs, and Instagram. Then, I’ll provide a three page SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) to show you where you’re excelling, where you need to do additional work, unique opportunities you may have, and any competition  you may face

  • Basic (up to three platforms):$50
  • Deluxe: (Unlimited platforms:$150
  • Add on a Skype, phone call or email coaching session on the platform of your choice for $50

Tech-Teaching Package: I’ll teach you any software you’d like, including: Canva, Twitter, Hootsuite or Tweetdeck for scheduling Tweets, Facebook, Instagram, and More! We’ll use a Webex and I’ll be able to see your screen and guide you through the whole process! (Rate is $30 plus $20 per hour after the first hour)

Brand Creation. What is a brand? Why are they so important? A brand is a simple description that sums up all your work– a tagline, if you will. This will entice readers to sample your other books, not just the first one they found. I’ll walk you through the discovery and analysis of your personal brand. You’ll be able to have a clear path ahead when it comes to marketing, platform building, and new project selection. This is an excellent choice for indie and self-pub authors!

I’ll even help you create a tag line summing up your creative brand, and make you a banner and icon with it!

  • Basic (via email/phone/skype): $75
  • Mega-Deluxe (everything in the basic package plus I’ll read up to three books of yours to help better understand your brand) $300

Contact me today and together we can take care of the Business of Art.