I love books. Obviously. But what I love more than books, are stories. It’s in my blood. My grandpa could weave a story better than anyone else. As a little kid, I’d love when he’d sit down, his brown eyes sparkling with mirth, and launch into a story of the time he threw fireworks in the river, or the time he won the island of Guam in a card game, or the day he met my grandmother by almost running her over.

The stories, of course, like all the best stories, had a hint of exaggeration, of larger than life details, but only to enhance the emotions of the already wonder-filled parts of life.

And I’d tell stories too. I’d spin little tales of days at school, retellings of books I’d read, adventures I’d had.  Once I learned to write, in grade school, and we were given prompts, I was ecstatic. A new avenue for me to tell my stories. Fantastic.

A week of prompts, focusing on our summer vacations. Day one, Packing for our Trip to Scotland. Day two. Arriving at Loch Ness. Day Three. Meeting Nessie. Day four, bringing Nessie home, letting him swim free in the Allegheny river.

Day five, a stern lecture from the teachers about things like “Lying” “Journals are Nonfiction” and other very boring things.

Truth doesn’t come naturally to me. Not because I’m malicious, but because I want to entertain. If you ask me, “What happened on your flight?” and I said, “Nothing, I slept the whole time,” Well, that’s boring. Can’t I paint a new tale, combining half-experienced moments from the past into one interesting story?

Well. No. That’s lying.

But, I can write stories.

Things I Love

We may have out-grown (well, some of us) may have out-grown running around asking, “What’s your favorite color?” like Buddy the Elf. However, favorite things can be a fun way to get to know someone. There’s few things better than realizing you and a stranger have a fandom in common, and the resulting forty-minute geek-out session.
So, in no particular order, here are some things I love. (Note, not books, that’s another post)


The Clash. If you’ve known me for five minutes, you know this about me. I love their range of work, the complicated four personalities that boiled down into one volatile band, their songs emotional impact.

Florence + The Machine. Powerful vocals, amazing imagery in songs, plus I totally rocked her blunt bang haircut for most of college

The Avett Brothers. Perfect mood music for a chill weekend morning.


Pittsburgh. The Steel City. The City That Thinks It’s a Small Town. A friendly, always interesting, unique city that I’m proud to call home.

Western New York. My hometown area. Rochester, Buffalo… beef on wecks and skiing at Holiday Valley. I miss those places a lot

New York City. My favorite place to visit.

Alaska, specifically Skagway. The prettiest place I’ve ever been

Many, many more places I dream of visiting soon.


Once Upon A Time: The show I just can’t quit, because it’s just too full of good actors! Even when the plot makes zero sense, I always come back to it

Vampire Diaries: Although my heart shall never recover from the Klaroline that never was

Buffy, Sherlock and Doctor Who. ‘Nuff said about these. They’re awesome. As you probably know.


Fact: I never write in the first page of any notebook. Superstition.

Writing here feels a bit like breaking that superstition, like I’m supposed to have brilliant words to welcome anyone who comes to this page.

So, welcome. That’s all I’ve got.

If you’d like to know more about me, please explore the blog. In short, see below.

I’m a writer and a grad student, and a huge fan of the Clash, coffee and my cat.


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