I’m a writer, a knitter and a business woman. I’m currently in grad school at the University of Pittsburgh.

I’m also the Marketing and Social Media intern for PROGRESSION an indie feature film comedy set in the hipster-est neighborhood in Pittsburgh. Check it out here.

I love books and music, my family and my friends, and whole bunches of other things. But I’ll try to keep this blog focused on the basics.

Me on twitter: @ writer_carrie


I also am the sympathetic ear Broody McHottiepants whispers his secrets to. He’s at: @ broodingYAhero

2 thoughts on “Me

  1. Isobel says:

    Hey, Carrie I recently came upon your website and found it very funny. You have no idea how glad I was to find your page about the Brooding YA Hero.I find it very shocking how most YA books these days have now turned into fanfiction for young women that always seem to have to the same “plot”.

    Kind Regards,



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