Brooding YA Hero

Hello, I am Broody McHottiepants, and this is my small corner of the web, where I read poetry, gaze longingly at you, slam locker doors, and drive my car too fast.

Interests include: keeping secrets (only to reveal them at the worst possible moment), drinking (but only at the massive football parties), smoking (without gaining any bad breath or health risks), and crying a single tear.

All my tweets are whispered to Carrie, who records them for posterity.

My novel, BROODING YOUNG ADULT HERO’S GUIDE TO ACHIEVING MAIN CHARACTER STATUS will be released in summer of 2017 by Skypony press.


I’ve been mentioned on a lot of sites. What can I say, I’m a popular dude.

Don’t you want to follow me too? @broodingYAhero

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 Sometimes people love me so much they make photosets of me. These are pretty cool.

Brooding YA Hero + Lost

Brooding YA Hero + Gilmore Girls

Brooding YA Hero + Until Dawn 


Oh, and if you want to stare into my dazzlingly emerald/sapphire/amethyst eyes AKA  interview me, or want to send me a link to your magnificent work of art featuring me, email’s broodingyahero AT gmail com.

Until we meet again, I will hold memories of you in my broken heart, and look for you at every school dance.

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