Let’s Get Down To Business

Is the song from Mulan stuck in your head now? If so, you’re welcome.

This won’t ever be a blog where I post nitty-gritty writing tips. Commas and I fight enough as it is, without me dragging new people into our battles. However, as a person with a business background, and in the process of my Masters with a concentration in marketing, I will occasionally share my thoughts on the business of art.

I love picking apart data, so expect posts where I flip percentages and ratios into handy facts for querying writers.

I’m also a wizard in excel, so I often run pricing comparisons for various freelancers, or help people re-organize their data into something more accessible. If you ever have an excel question or want a pricing comparison run to check your freelancing costs against others, I’d love to share my knowledge.

Plus, my background is specifically in finance, so I’m a huge proponent of budgeting, and teaching people to understand financial lingo. Eventually, I’d like to get a sample budget sheet set up for free use. I see budgeting as a way of achieving freedom from stress, fear and confusion. Everyone, from a part-time worker student to a lawyer can benefit from understanding their cash flows.

For all you I’ve put to sleep, I apologize. Here’s a picture of a cat who is equally amused by my spreadsheets.


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