This week I had the privilege of reading an advanced reviewer copy of SCAVENGER OF SOULS, Joshua David Bellin’s new work, (release date 8/23/2016)

For those of you who haven’t read the first book in the series, SURVIVAL COLONY 9, the books take place in an arid, desolate world, where monsters known as the Skaldi hunt down the few remaining humans. No one is safe, and our protagonist, Querry, faces many challenges in his quest for survival. 27206580

“Answers aren’t always true,” she said. “And the truth isn’t always the answer you want.”–Scavenger of Souls, by Joshua David Bellin.

SCAVENGER kicks off explosively, and the pace never wavers. Querry is a brave, likable protagonist, who is growing into a fine leader. Mercy, who features on the cover, is a new character, and one of my favorite ones in all of YA sci-i. Her charisma imbues all of  her actions, and she’s a force to be reckoned with. The worldbuilding is incredible, creepy and bleak, but populated with characters who will win (and break your heart)

This book is perfect for fans of the TV show, The 100, with its teen characters forced to grow up fast in a cruel, dangerous world. Both teens and adults will like the book, with its well-crafted, tightly crafted plot. and high stakes. Also, can we talk about how INCREDIBLE that cover is?

Haven’t read SURVIVAL COLONY 9 yet? Check out the rafflecopter below! I’m giving out a paperback copy (USA only) or an E-copy (international!)



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