Little Joys

It’s funny how when I’m busiest, I’m the most aware of all the good that surrounds me. Perhaps it’s because it’s clearer when there are small moments of happy calm, rather than trying to pick the sweetest day of a leisurely week with nothing to do.

Anyway, just a small post. We creative types are so busy making new worlds and getting lost in our work, that sometimes the ordinary world seems rather… ordinary. So, I challenge you, reader, to take this week to notice some wonderful bits of joy in your own life.

Me? I’m happy for loving family (including a new nephew, who I can’t want to hold!) and loyal, enthusiastic friends. I couldn’t be where I am today without their support, and their encouragement has gotten me through many bad days.

I’m grateful for coffee, and for carbs, as well as the park near where I live, because a walk in the fresh air under the trees can be almost as enlivening as a hot cup of coffee. Almost.

I’m grateful for knitting, and running, for always being a challenge and a relaxation for me. I’m also thankful to all the books I’ve read for allowing me to escape between their pages. And I owe so many thanks to that book I read when I was at my lowest as a writer, which reminded me of the magic of the written word.

I’m grateful for the talented  network of authors and creatives who have guided, nurtured, and challenged me. Even if we only crossed paths to swap a chapter or exchange a tweet, I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you.

I’m grateful to my silly cat, for keeping me amused, ever since he walked into the backyard hunting for catnip, but desperately in need of food and TLC. His health and happiness now reminds me that one person (or one tiny, mangy stray kitten) you can be the world.

What joys are you grateful for?



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